Simple Oven Baked Eggs

November 16, 2014

Growing up, my Dad and I were attached at the hip. As a commercial salmon fisherman on the West Coast of British Columbia he was gone (along with my mom) all summer, but more than available to spend time with me when it wasn't fishing season. 

We went skating, we listened to music, we sang in the car, we laughed, we played violin.


And it was my Dad's idea to get chickens as backyard pets. Which also lead to his idea for my first job to be canvassing the neighbours to buy chicken eggs from me. Free range, grass and veggie fed chicken eggs, sold for $1.50 a dozen (cash only). I was five years old. 

It's no doubt my love affair with eggs started early. Today's recipe is a new one from my lovely clients Nora & Pete. The hosts with the most is how I would describe them. This is a fabulous recipe that cooks up well every time. Easy to make breakfast for 20 people at the same time too!


1-12 eggs depending on how many you want to feed


salt & pepper

butter for greasing the pan

Heat the oven to 350F. Grease a muffin tin and place a very small amount of water into each cup, just enough to cover the bottom. Crack eggs into each muffin cup, season with salt and pepper and bake for 15 minutes. If you want to make less than a full muffin pan of 12 eggs, simply fill empty muffin cups at least half full with water. These pop out easily with a knife and spatula.

I put two oven baked eggs atop sautéed cabbage, spinach, red pepper, onion, zucchini and salami. They are so versatile, you can eat them any way you like!

The MOST important skill to master your body composition is...

November 09, 2014

The ability to let mistakes stay small.

Let me explain – It’s mid-morning at the office and someone brings in a huge box of your favourite cookies. You tell yourself ‘these are my favourite!’ I will have one.

As the meeting drags on you reach for another couple cookies because they are right in front of you and the thought of passing up your favourite cookie feels like restriction to you.

By the time the meeting is over, you are feeling guilt about your inability to stick to just one cookie. This guilt spirals into the ‘what the heck’ mindset. I have messed up the day already, I may as well have French fries with my lunch, skip my workout, have a glass of wine at 12noon…you get the point!

We have all been there. We have all thrown in the towel on our great food choices, planned workouts and great intentions. I know I certainly have. 

Consistency and success over the long haul are maximized when we can keep our mis-steps as small bumps in the road rather than cataclysmic fall completely off the rails binges.

When we nurture the mindset of not failing in a big way, we take the ups and downs out of our training and eating habits.

We learn to navigate the middle ground which is a magical place that helps to keep us on track for the long haul.

My job is not only to help you see that you can get great results in the middle ground, but that these results can last longer than the all out restrictive way of living. The key to success lies in developing your mindset, not your skillset. You know which choices will help or hurt your goals, it’s about fostering the thoughts that will help you stay on track. 

We are not looking for perfection here, we are looking for progress.

Today we will discuss three mindset shifts to help you keep your mistakes small while continuing down a path of awareness, accountability and ultimately results.

Your body composition was not created in one day. It will not be ruined in one day either.

Spending time to create strong habits that help you weather ups and downs is so important! Crafting your mindset that a long term approach is the only way is paramount. 

Here is a set of progress photos I took at the beginning of the summer. I drank wine, ate tons of salads with lean protein, had a couple desserts, avoided the 'what-the-heck' mindset and exercised less than one hour a day. 

I am showing you these photos to say I didn't get here in one month, or two months, it took longer than that. And one or two treats along the way made little to no difference in my results. Falling off the wagon completely? That would be another story and probably wouldn't feel so great!

You can get back on track at your next meal or snack.

Great, it's noon and you slipped up - you ate mindlessly or had more treats than were even enjoyable during a morning meeting. Perhaps you were in a rush and ate a less-than-optimal breakfast. Avoid the 'what-the-heck' mindset and get over it. 

In the Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club we say - back on track, water, fibre, protein GO! I think this is probably the biggest mindset shift to make. Knowing that back on track exists right away, you just have to follow through. It does not need to be an overhaul, just a great choice at your next eating opportunity. 

There will always be access to treats. Every. Single. Day.

When I decided to get picky with my food choices I noticed a big difference in my approach to treats. There are sugary candies and cookies everywhere - at the coffee shop, at the office, in the grocery store, at family affairs. I started to avoid the foods I really didn't LOVE. I ate less sugar, felt better about myself and enjoyed the treats I did choose even more!

For me, good quality dark chocolate, a delicious, warm, freshly baked muffin (I think these are actually hard to find!) black licorice or dried unsweetened mangoes are top of the list to me. Pretty much everything else is not worth it.

Get picky! You will find yourself saying NO left, right and center! 

To your health and happiness,


P.S. I tend not to name foods as good or bad choices, so I struggled with labelling 'mistakes' in this post. What mistakes really are to me? Mindless overeating or choosing unhealthy foods that I really do not love. 



Lean Eats - Sushi Restaurant Edition

November 09, 2014

Dining out is thought of as a treat for many of us. Whether you find yourself out for lunch or traveling and searching the menu for choices that will help you achieve your body composition goals, here is a simple guide to navigate the offerings at your local sushi joint. 

Pick your protein:

- Sashimi is the best choice for a great source of lean protein. Served without rice, I like wild caught salmon, tuna or prawn sashimi. 

- Some restaurants will offer lean cuts of beef or chicken, although they tend to be covered with teriyaki sauce. I usually do not stress about sauces and dressings (they are secondary to picking enough protein + veg for the most part) but the thick teriyaki glazes are packed with sugar and I personally do not love them! 

Get your greens:

- Sushi restaurants are great for offering a tasty green side salad. I do not stress about the dressing here, but often ask for it on the side so I can determine the amount I use. 

- Tuna Sashimi or Tataki salad. This is a common choice which includes a large serving of veggies, seared or rare tuna and a light dressing. 

- Spinach Gomae. This is steamed and cooled spinach with a peanut sauce. Once again, I do not stress about the sauce here. This is a perfect example of making balanced choices. Yes, there is sugar in the peanut sauce but this helps to keep me on track for the rest of the day and week! I am way less likely to have a dessert or treat later in the day when I follow this mindset. 

What to skip?

- Deep-fried, battered appetizers are a great place to save yourself. Packing a ton of calories, often high in trans-fats and low in protein, fibre and water this is a great option to pass on. 

- Huge rolls with tons of rice. Our goal is to fill up on fibre and protein without overloading the sodium or sauce and the designer super rolls are often packed with refined starchy carbs, minimal protein and low on the fibre. 

How about drinks?

- This is an area that I find pretty easy to navigate. I pick water or green tea. That's it! The occasional glass of wine is on my horizon but I avoid all sugary drinks and sodas and do not miss it one bit.

I hope this helps you the next time you are out at your favourite Japanese restaurant. Personally I love sushi and finding ways to eat the foods I love in moderation without affecting my waistline is one of the ways I keep my eating habits sustainable. 

Why Loving Your Body Is The Key To Lasting Change

November 02, 2014

This is the type of article I would have skimmed over a few years ago. Back then I just wanted to figure out the secrets of how to get some abs all year long! That sounds ridiculously superficial when I say it, but alas it is true.

At the point I am describing, I was many years into my journey of body change. I had lost weight, gained a little, lost a lot more, gotten to my leanest and felt happy, sad, unfulfilled, satisfied and frustrated along the way. I remember thinking that all the other crap about body acceptance was cool, I understood where it was coming from and I was grateful for all my body did for me. 

But I still tried to motivate myself to change from a place of not-good-enough.

When I ate according to the rules I had made for myself, that was tied to feelings of happiness, value and worthiness. When I ate any way other than ‘how to eat for fat loss’ I was mindless, suppressed the guilt I felt and I now can see how it affected how I thought of myself.

Wow. Even today I am just realizing how much I thought I would be a better trainer, girlfriend and overall fit person if I looked a certain way.

I remember one day I was walking (of course, this is when all my brilliant ideas happen! Haha!) and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

‘I can be a great trainer BECAUSE of all that I have been through. I do not need to look a certain way, be able to lift a certain amount or wear a certain size.’

This was the point I knew I had to start writing about my experiences. I had a unique point of view. I had been there, I could be compassionate with my clients, I could help them not only learn to ‘eat for fat loss’ but to love themselves through the process!

I had experienced fat loss without the mindset shift, and it was fleeting and unfulfilling. It was not a lifestyle change at that point for me. When I practiced the tools listed below I found fat loss, consistency and felt great.

So how do we even start this seemingly impossible process?

Start with one small grateful body thought each day.

There are a few ways in which to practice body gratitude daily. I like to do this before I go to bed at night. When I close my eyes and think of all the people I am thankful for in my life, I add in a thought of gratitude for my body. Whether it is making it through another day, helping me move or being thankful for my strength I focus on one aspect of what my body CAN and DOES do for me daily.  

Quit using guilt as a motivational tool.

You know what this feels like - I have to go for a run or else I will....gain weight, not fit into my pants etc. The issue lies in us believing that guilt is a useful tool for motivation. IT IS NOT. AT ALL. Ok maybe in the extreme short term, but that is it!

The most consistent exercisers approach movement as self-care, enjoyment and do it for how it makes us feel. If we know that consistency is key for long term results, start adopting some feel-good motivational tools to help get you started.  

Recognize that your thoughts form your reality.

Want a peaceful relationship with food, exercise and your body? That will be tough to create when the only messages you send yourself are negative and all about how you have to change.

Thoughts are habits just like searching in the cupboards after dinner. In order to change our thoughts, we know that suppression does not work. Kelly McGonigal of Stanford University writes about this in her book The Willpower Instinct. When we try to stop the negative self-talk by suppressing it, the words come up again and again. The best way to change how you talk to yourself is to let the negative thoughts come up and actively choose a different way of thinking.

Consider a thought like this ‘I hate my legs, they look huge/fat/whatever’ and change it to ‘My legs are the key to movement, I love the strength they provide me.’  You may think it sounds silly, but this is the first step to believing in yourself.

#changenegativeselftalk #now

The balance of learning how to eat for fat loss and body change is still a worthwhile endeavour! But it is clearly not the only aspect of lasting change. This is why we approach lifestyle change from a holistic perspective in my inner circle of women - The Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club. Registration is closed until January but you can sign up for the waiting list HERE to be the first to hear about openings and specials. 

Can’t wait to here your thoughts about this post! I’ll be waiting for you on our Blast Fitness Facebook Page.

Lana xox


Charcuterie For Lunch

November 02, 2014

Whenever I host a girls weekend at our home in Invermere, BC my girlfriends do a fabulous job of sharing meal duties. There is a breakfast crew and a dinner crew, but most importantly, there is the lunch crew, or as it often turns out - the snack crew. 

This always ends up being my favourite meal of the weekend because it is like a build your own plate smorgasbord. There are cold cuts, cheese, olives, veggies, salsa - you name it. This weekend I made my own mini charcuterie lunch and paired it with a salad for a little more volume in my belly (remember: volume foods are great for filling us up for relatively less calories - think tons of leafy greens or veggies!)

In order to stay satisfied through out my week of eating and to keep my relationship with food effortless, I choose foods like salami a couple times a week. 

In order to create a meal that keeps us fuller for longer and balances our hormones, we want a combination of fat, fibre and protein. The following ingredients fit the bill!

Here is my recipe for a healthy charcuterie lunch for one:

6-8 slices salami (protein & fat)

6-8 olives (fat)

3 tbsp hummus (protein & fibre)

6 carrot sticks (fibre)

6 cucumber slices (fibre)

8-10 Mary's Gluten Free Seed Crackers (fat & fibre)

3 dried figs, sliced in half (fibre)

Arrange all foods in mini piles and serve with a large salad on the side, like the one I made below with mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, shredded parmesan, olive oil and balsamic reduction. 

For the cheese lovers out there, you could certainly add a great cheese to your charcuterie. Cheese for me is something I could take or leave so I put it on my salads to up the satisfaction factor but that is it for me!

Can't wait to see what you come up with #charcuterieforlunch